We're not your typical eyewear company. We're the rebels who decided to take on the mundane and spice it up. You see, we believe that sunglasses should be as cool as you are. None of that cookie cutter garbage. That's why we've proudly ditched those traditional earpieces.

Our journey started with a vision of breaking free from the monotony. We knew the world deserved eyewear that's as unique as the people who wear it. So, we scoured history, and found a style so timeless it practically begged for a comeback.

With a lightning bolt of innovation, a hefty dose of engineering brilliance, and an unapologetic attitude we modernized it with our Flyer Technology, and brought it back.

Why did we create FlyFrames?

In a world where one company had the eyewear game in a chokehold, churning out the same sunglasses like a broken record, we decided it was time to shake things up. Boredom doesn't suit us, and neither does bland eyewear. Our journey was a rebellion against conformity, a quest for uniqueness. We wanted eyewear that didn't just shield your eyes from the sun, but also made a bold statement. FlyFrames is the result of that rebellion, A brand that dares to be different in an ocean of sameness.

Why the Pinze-Nez design?

During an extensive search for inspiration, we delved into the history of eyewear and stumbled upon a hidden gem. Our sunglasses draw inspiration from the timeless 14th-century pince-nez design, a name derived from the French words 'pincer' (to pinch) and 'nez' (nose). This discovery marked a defining moment in our journey as we unearthed a timeless treasure, a piece of history we couldn't leave behind. Thus, we engineered and patented our Flyer technology, breathing new life into a forgotten world.


At FlyFrames, we've thrown out the old rulebook and reimagined what eyewear can be. That's why we've proudly ditched those traditional earpieces.