How do I wear these?

To wear FlyFrames, squeeze the two black pieces, place the sunglasses on your nose, and release to lock them in place securely.

Are FlyFrames comfortable to wear for extended periods?

Yes! FlyFrames are designed for comfort during extended wear. The innovative technology and thoughtful design ensure a comfortable fit, allowing you to enjoy your sunglasses throughout the day without discomfort.

I have oily skin, will they fall off?

No worries! FlyFrames are designed to stay securely in place, even if you have oily skin. The technology used ensures a reliable grip on the bridge of your nose, providing a comfortable and secure fit regardless of your skin type.

I play tennis quite intensely, will FlyFrames stay on my nose?

Absolutely! FlyFrames are built to stay securely on your nose even during intense activities like tennis. The innovative technology ensures a snug fit, offering stability and comfort, so you can focus on your game without worrying about your sunglasses slipping off.

What materials are used in the construction of the sunglasses?

FlyFrames are made with the strongest materials specifically made to be lightweight and exceptionally durable.

Premium Nylon Fiber Frames
Nylon fiber is one of the leading materials used in athletic eyewear. Nylon fiber frames stand out from other materials due to their exceptional lightweight nature, flexibility, and durability.

Lightweight Titanium ComponentsThe lightweight nature of titanium grants the ability to avoid compromising on weight while delivering exceptional durability and strength.

I have a small nose, are FlyFrames suitable for all face shapes and sizes?

Certainly! FlyFrames are designed to accommodate various face shapes and sizes, including those with smaller noses. The adjustable nature of the technology allows for a customized fit, ensuring comfort and stability for individuals with different facial characteristics.

Do you offer international shipping?

No, FlyFrames does not offer international shipping. We apologize for any inconvenience. Our shipping services are limited to the United States. If there are any changes to our shipping policies in the future, we will be sure to update our customers.

What is your return policy?

Initiate returns/exchanges within 14 days of purchase, with items in original condition. Refunds issued upon item receipt; customers cover shipping. For damaged items, contact us within 14 days with details and photos for a hassle-free return process at our expense. Contact customer service with your order number to start a return or exchange

How do I initiate a return?

Contact customer service with your order number to start a return or exchange.

Does FlyFrames offer prescription lenses?

Not at the moment, but it's in our plans for the near future. We are actively working on introducing prescription lenses to our product offerings. Stay tuned for updates!

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